I did this for my CCT205 class as well, so I thought I'd post it here as well...

Now that we've all had some sort of experience with using WikiSpaces, I thought it would be interesting to list all the flaws or problems that WikiSpaces has. I know I had a lot of problems formatting my page. It can get very irritating at times! Maybe at the end of the semester we could report all the problems to the WikiSpaces staff...

  1. Creating Bullets: When you input the bullets, its got a mind of its own. It'll start creating huge gaps between the previous line and where you just entered the bullet.
  2. Inserting Images: Sometimes the image won't load up onto the screen even if its been uploaded.
  3. Over Writing Image Names: Different people inserting different images with the same file name will result in the original file being over written. It should do something to differentiate the two files, or it should at least give you some sort of warning.
  4. Editing At The Same Time: Its extremely frustrating when two people are editing one page. What it should do is lock the page while one person is editing the page.
  5. No Undo Function: They should have something similar to the CTRL+Z function. You always have the option to revert the page in the history page which can serve as a undo function.
  6. Using Tables: When writing text in a table, it won't let you use bullets or other types of formatting. It won't even let you use a new line.
  7. Overwriting work - If more than one person is trying to edit a document, there's always a risk of pressing save and overwriting the other person's work accidentally.
  8. Embedding HTML: Putting in content should allow you to embed HTML.
  9. No Spell Check: It would be nice to have some sort of spell checker so typos, spelling errors, etc can be caught. It would be nice not to have to put everything into Word before copying and pasting it into wikispaces. I think this options is now available with Wiki. Words spelled incorrectly will have by underlined in red.
  10. No Printer Friendly Pages: Sometimes a student might post a page that would be useful to print (e.g. personal lecture notes, readings summaries). The option to see a printer friendly page does not exist on Wikispaces, but it would be useful for such an information-exhaustive course.
  11. No font type/size options, no text/background colour options: There are no options in terms of choosing fonts and colours.
  12. No emoticons!
  13. No ability to attach files: Other Wikispaces I have used has allowed users to attach files that can be read by others.
  14. No Chatrooms/Whiteboards: Not necessarily a problem but it would be a chatroom could be an interesting addition.
  15. No Page Tags: It would make it easier to search related things/categorize pages if you could tag pages.
  16. Managing Space: Its very difficult to manage your space especially since you are not an organizer. For example, I have spaces that I was enrolled in from previous years and semesters, and I still haven't found a way to remove them from the list as its becoming very cluttered.
  17. Editing problems: sometimes the editing button would fail to respond when I click on it
  18. Table of contents: there should be a function to insert a table of contents in the advanced editor. It is cumbersome to have to switch to using the text editor just to insert a table of contents.
  19. Co-revising: still doesnt solve the core problem, it is like a bandaid. Some other feature must be implemented to solve this co-editing problem