This schedule will serve as road map for the course topics and associated readings. We will try to stick to the dates as much as possible, but some minor shifting may occur to better serve the class needs. In here you will find links to the course readings and lecture notes.

Jan 4

Course Introduction
  • Computer visualization forms and locative media concepts
Labs: Intro to labs and software; assignment overview


Physical and Data Mapping
  • Cosgrove, Dennis (2006) Carto-city pdf
  • Engelhardt, Y., Schouten B., (2006) Network Nations pdf
Labs: Intro to Google Earth; presentation of Locative Narrative Assignment (A1); discussion of Wiki Assignment (A3)


Mapping Social Spaces
  • Vanderbilt, Tom (2006), Cerebral Cities pdf
  • Nardi, B., O’Day, V.,(1999) Information Ecologies link
Labs: Google Earth techniques and hacks; A1 discussion and production


Lecture Notes
Guest Lecturer Carla Munoz, M.Arch candidate/ intern with KPMB
Labs: A1 discussion, production and instructional support

Feb 1

Wayfinding and Navigation
  • Morville, Peter (2005), A Brief History of Wayfinding pdf
  • Benyon, Turner and Turner Ch. 25.1-.2
Labs: A1 due by 12 noon; Concept Map Assignment (A2) discussion; team formation; Intro to Cmap software

Feb 8

Information Design
  • Benyon, Turner and Turner Ch. 24
  • Novak, J.(2001) The Theory Underlying Concept Maps and How To Construct Them pdf
Labs: Cmap techniques including resources, export


Information Architecture
  • Benyon, Turner and Turner Ch. 23, 25
Labs: Cmap integration and instructional support


Reading Week

Mar 1

Information Architecture Pt.2

  • Benyon, Turner and Turner Ch. 16
Labs: CANCELLED, A2 due Friday March 9

Mar 8

Information Architecture Pt.3 and Hearing
  • Benyon, Turner and Turner Ch. 16
Labs: intro to CSS

Mar 15

Guest Lecturer : Bob Jones, Visualization Design Institute
Labs: A4 discussion and production; more on CSS
A4 planning document due in wiki (5%)

Mar 22

Haptics / Affective Computing and Pleasure
Labs: A4 integration and final production
  • Benyon, Turner and Turner Ch. 17

Mar 29

Guest Lecturers : John Danahy (Faculty of Architecture, Landscape and Design, U of T) Dr. Rodney Hoinkes
Labs: A4 due date (25%)

Apr 5

Final Test (25%)

Apr 6
A3: Final date for wiki edits (10%)