Other Related CCT/HSC/VCC Courses

CCT205 - Digital Innovation and Cultural Transformation - If you enjoyed the professor, he also teaches the tutorial in 205.
Prerequisite: CCT100H5, 101H5/P.I.

CCT206 - Law, Technology and Culture - This course is about intellectual property law. It goes into detail about jurisdiction, copyright laws, and other laws surrounding intellectual properties. It is taught by Professor Anthony Wensley who is a very capable professor.
Prerequisite: CCT100H5, 101H5
Formerly Intellectual Property and Copyright

CCT260 - Web Culture and Design - This course is taught by Prof. Littlejohn. It teaches you about the current trends, changes, and direction the World Wide Web is heading towards. Topics covered range from Web 2.0 to Net Neutrality. In the tutorials, she equips students with the basic skills of building a personal website with HTML, and later by using CSS on Dreamweaver. Nice course for those that are interested in learning to build their own website!
Prerequisite: CCT100H5, 101H5/P.I.

CCT300 - Critical Analysis of Media - Also taught by Michael Jones and David Gelb. This course focuses more on how to analyze media, such as the Internet, with a special focus on analysis of comics using the books Understanding Comics, and Reinventing Comics by Scott McCloud.
Prerequisite: CCT210H5

CCT333 - Imaging for a Wired World - Taught by the same professors. Its a very interesting course and talks about the various forms of culture and media communication. The existence of different kind of audiences and their roles, from interactive models to gender/cultural reading. How we define our selves in our current era of a wired world.
Prerequisite: CCT100H5, 101H5/P.I.

CCT375 - Virtual and Augmented Reality - This course is taught by two instructors: Professor Rob Harvie and Professor Lynn Holden. It is a very fun and hands-on course. There is even a contest at the end of the semester. A lot of the concepts we covered in class (i.e. virtual systems, haptics, etc.) are covered in more detail in this course. If you really wish to go into some type of visualization/virtual reality field, then this course is a great way to gain experience in an academic setting.
Prerequisite: CCT100H5, CCT101H5, CCT202H5; PSY100Y5/ PI

HSC301 - Introduction to Information and Data Visualization - This is the Health Science Communications section of CCIT. I once sat in one of their lectures regarding wayfinding in hospitals, really neat stuff. The course teaches some of the same principles of visualization taught in this class and even refers to some of the same examples (i.e. Edward Tufte's design, the subway route map design concept). However, this course is more innovative as it allows for students to actually redesign and create their own information visualization system.
Prerequisite: CCT101H5/BIO152H5/ANT101H5

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