What are your plans for after your time here at UTM/Sheridan?

  • Programming somewhere...Who wants to join me and make a new faceboook? lol

  • Graduate studies in biomedical visualization or nursing, hopefully - Zz_Butterfly_zZ

  • Travel the world, see where I want to live, get into some aspect of the design industry - drewseph

  • Personal Trainer, marketing through skills learned in economics and ccit major. - Andrew
  • Intern throughout the summer with hopes of advancement to paying position in Fall 2007- Rachel Miadovnik
  • More sheridan, more utm courses....have fun learning more.

CCIT-Related Graduate Programs

University of British Columbia is offering various types of graduate studies in the ccit field. One related CCT370 is under the course code named 533c: Computer Visualization.
  • The program revolves around designing interactive information spaces.
  • The emphasis is put on making software that utilizes the human perceptual skills we have outside of using the computer.
  • Topics covered are: computer graphics, human-computer interaction, cognitive psychology, semiotics, graphic design, statistical graphics, cartography, and art.
  • The issue arising is that people have massive amounts of information coming towards them, with the use of bit Torrents. As well as the speed of computers increasing exponentially, it is becoming increasingly important to spend time finding to ways that this data should be processed.
  • If strongly encourage people to check out this link to the course web page.
  • For more information about employment, graduate programs, volunteering, etc. visit utm's career center

University of Toronto's Graduate School offers Information Studies, a Masters Degree Program, for students to pursue a more advanced and comprehensive education in digital technologies.
  • Combines strengths in management and leadership skills, along with valuable cultural heritages, to effectively practice in the information field.
  • By educating students from progressive, inclusive, and multicultural vantage points, the program aims on helping individuals to adapt to the global economy.
  • Admission requirements.
Ryerson University & York University offers Graduate Programme in Communication and Culture
  • Leading to MA and PhD degrees
  • advanced studies of communication and culture.
  • professional experience in communications, the social sciences, humanities, media, and fine arts.
  • extensive industry links in film, photography, multimedia and information technologies, radio, television, and new media
  • Graduate studies information