Rohit Gomes' Analysis and Reflection

Lab: 1 (4-5)
CMap: 1917
Info Space: Technicolor

Major Contributions:

■ Created individual Lab pages and on Navigation bar until it was replaced and deleted (I didn't see the problem with my layout)
Lab1, Lab2, Lab3, Lab4
■ Added paragraph to Test Feedback Page

Minor Contributions:
■ January 13th: Added name to Wikispace Alias
■ Added information to CMap 1917 page for others to learn about that year.


April 11, 2007

The factors that influenced me in making my contributions were pages that were of interest and concern to me. I would prefer to initiate my own page because that way I can have control over the layout and initial content that goes on there before others can edit it to their own likings. The only problem I can say that I faced was when I created the individual lab groups, I did not see a problem with how I organized it. I sepereated the lab sections up into four parts like it should be instead of having it all clumped up into "Lab Groups" so that it would be easier for those in their specific labs to locate their pages. That has to be one negative effect that others' editing had on me during this semester.

Wiki, I have to say is useful to a certain extent, especially for things like exam reviews and lecture notes, otherwise it is pretty much just adding things to fill it up. From a learning perspective, Wikispaces gives students to write concerns and questions they may have regarding the course or course material. They can receive replies from the course instructors quickly and even faster from students, who use the online site everyday and are constantly monitoring it for changes. I have posted things that require responses soon and have gotten results before I even predicted I would get one by. The Lecture Notes and Chapter summary sections were probably, single-handedly, the most valuable pages within our Wikispaces forum. When others post their own interpretations and summaries, a collaboration of different brains working together brought about very useful and useable information for the final test.

The only thing else about Wiki that I can complain about is something that has been brought up before - the time when others are editing the same page you are at the same time will cause conflict of data and only one will remain while the other is not saved. And also that I, unintentionally, used my friend's computer to create my own analysis & reflection page and forgot to sign into my own account, thus it has her user id in the history (lol).

Other Wikispace Pages:

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