Assignment 4
Is the Assignment 4 Scope Document still due on March 8th?
No, I dont think its due, due to the extension of the A2 proposal, I think the due dates have changed. On March 8th, the soft copy for the concept map was due. Planning Document due [[A4|]]Due March 15, 2007 (5%) and A4 final Due March 29, 2007 (25%).
Does the information Space have to be created just like a website with links ,internal and external etc.?
The assignment will look basic in it's html form, but using CSS and concepts of the cmap, creatively design an information space (ie: links, graphics, texts)
How much information should be on the website?
The prof said that the amount of content could not be measured in pages. The amount of info will depend on your topic and how your present your information.
I'm more familiar with Adobe GoLive to make the website. Is it possible to use it instead of dreamwaver, because these two program are alike ?
GoLive and Dreamweaver are just web development software, so technically you can use either or. If you feel like it, you can even do the coding within text editor/notepad. The final deliverable states we just need a website with an index.html in a folder named after our year. Both programs will allow you to export a complete website. Just note that in GoLive, Adobe export it with its own library so be sure to not include that.
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