Assignment 1
1. Do the placemarks we use have to be places that we have actually visited in the world? Can we include placemarks of places we would like to visit and somehow relate it to our narrative?
Yes that is quite possible to include some imagining and projecting as long as it fit with your narrative "flow".
2. Do we have to include a references page with all of the images we used if we took it from the web?
It is recommended that the images (photos or other graphics) will be your creation, so references will not be an issue. By using your own images, the photos are a more authentic representation of your story. As far as production, developing your own images gives you creative control over your graphic content. Also it will make your personal narrative more faithful to you and your experiences. If the nature of your project requires some borrowed images, then these must be properly referenced in the 1 page write up.
3. when we're saving our .kmz file, which option do we chose? save to my places save place as save my places save image i've tried save place as but when i loaded it, it deleted or hid my image overlays. does anyone know what hap'd to it or if its even retrievable?
To save all your placemarks in one kmz file, scroll to the top of the "Places" bar (on the left), right-click "My Places" (should be at the very top) and click "Save As...". This will save everything under the "My Places" tree. If you don't save it before closing GoogleEarth, no worries, it automatically saves everything somewhere deep in the computer. You can simply re-open GoogleEarth (on the same computer) and everything should be how you left it. If you used one of the school computer, then this might still get deleted when you logout though.
4. When I save "MY PLACES", the next time I open the .kmz file, each location is DUPLICATED. Is there anyway to fix this?
This will happen if you open your kmz file on the same computer that you saved it on. The reason for this is because the GoogleEarth program keeps your locations saved in its own configuration file. When you open GoogleEarth, your locations will already be there. If you then open the file, those locations will be added again, making duplicates. This should not happen if you open the file on different computer, as that computer will not already have your locations loaded. Hope this helps!
5. For the Images that we have to include, DO we have to be in them or can it just be an image that is related to the topic?
Your images do not have to include yourself. Yes, you can use images that relate to your locations or topic. Images could even be used as symbolism to your narrative.
6. Would there be complications with the file if we downloaded Google Earth at home on a PC and did the project and then emailed it to ourselves and handed it in at school on a MAC?
There should not be any complications but you should check in one of the MAC labs at Sheridan just to make sure it works.
7. Is it due before tutorial or lecture?
All your work should be submitted either before or during your tutorial section. The final deadline is 8:00pm tonight, Feb 1.
8.When will we know our mark for the project? and by how? All marks will be returned in class during the lab session.