A3 Wiki Community Building (10%)

Final date for edits: April 11th (ongoing participation/content building required)

This course will be hosted in Wikispaces for class collaboration in defining issues and directions relevant to this course. The success of this wiki depends on a sustained effort by community members in fostering an active intellectual space. This a shared space, in which the community is accountable for its own advancement as a learning community. High value is placed on contributions that help promote class knowledge of course concepts and project work. Community building may include (but not limited to) organizing wiki pages, adding graphics, content updates, building resources such as faqs, glossaries, technical guides, etc.

This will be ongoing throughout the term and will require frequent attention

Each student will make a persoanl page, linked from the Analysis and Reflection page, that itemizes their contributions to the wiki. By using the Analysis and Reflection Template , a consistent format will be followed.

Your adherence to this format will be considered for grading purposes.

Final Reflection

As a final reflection for the course, please post a response to the following questions. This response should be no longer than 2-3 paragraphs.
  1. In the ongoing process of wiki building, what factors influenced where you made your contributions?
  2. Where you more likely to build on a page already started or initiate your own topic page? Explain why.
  3. In building new pages, what was your experience when others added or changed things?
  4. How did the wiki effect your own learning experience for the course? Explain
  5. Any thing else?