A2 Concept Map

UPDATE: Due date moved to Friday, March 9 (See details here)
Cmap Examples

What is a concept map?

A concept map is a visual representation of a complex idea. It charts out hierarchical relations and intra-level connections among components that represent a larger notion.

While this task can be accomplished through other means (e.g., hierarchical outlines), concept maps are accessible and compelling to lay and expert audiences.

Computer-based tools such as Cmap (which will be used for the completion of this assignment) allows the user to rapidly create, change and iterate concept maps and integrate a range of media sources. Cmap instruction and assistance will be provided in later practical sessions.

To download a version of this software for Mac/PC at:

Concept Map Assignment

Working in teams of 2 or 3, you will be charged with creating a concept map for a year in the 20th century, randomly assigned to your group in the practical session. In order to make teams, you will need to collaborate with peers from your pratical session.

This assignment will require your team to discover relevant key concepts from your assigned year and prepare a concept map in a contemporary form.

The years assigned range from 1900-1979. This time frame was picked deliberately. Unfortunately, contemporary Internet culture is quite ahistorical – events before the public adoption of the Internet (circa early 1990s) are underrepresented. Given recent cultural resurgence of the 1980s, this period is also reasonably well covered, which would make these years easier to research and thus create an uneven playing field. (That, and given your instructors have first-hand experience with the 1980s, these years could introduce possibility of bias on our part!)

This assignment will require investigation of a variety of sources, including sources not easily accessible online. You are encouraged to share various research strategies and resources, and we will be following up with teams in practical sessions to give advice on how to begin, broaden and structure this investigation.

Link to Information Space A4

This concept map will serve as a foundation for the next assignment – the information website. On completion of the concept map, your group will pick a segment of the map you find most compelling and create a more detailed and focused visual representation of that concept. This assignment will be outlined in greater detail in the latter half of the course.


Your team will submit a completed Cmap in the form of an HTML document with all dependent resources. These resources will include digital media in the form of text, image, audio, hyperlinks and/or other important material that can be directly linked from the Cmap interface. These files must be placed in a folder that includes a text file with a brief description of your project to articulate team goals and results (less than 200 words).

This text document must also list names of all team members and will be submitted as hard copy in lab and a linking text file in Cmap web document.

Naming Conventions

  • The exported web page must be named index.html. (use colour label if possible to highlight file)
  • The submitted folder must be named year (eg. 1947)


This project is weighted at 20% of your course grade according to the following criteria:

concept development (35%)
comprehensive exploration in terms of breadth and depth,
develop an informative structure

technical execution (20%)
creative and effective use of the tool for making concept maps
following project criteria

visual presentation (30%)
visual organization, layout and readability

documentation (15%)
articulate goals and results

Due Date

This project is due Friday March 9th in the Elara server at Sheridan. The hard copy version of your documentation will be handed in class on Thursday Mar 8.