A1 - Locative Narrative Assignment

15% - due Feb 1

external image GoogleEarth_logo.png
Using Google Earth, you will create a series of 5-7 embedded placemarkers that together tell a story from your life.

These placemarkers can involve a series of events (cultural, historical, personal, travel, ancestral, employment-related, etc.) that showcase you as an unique human being (in other words, saying "I go to UTM" is probably not all that unique.)

Take care in choosing stories that might divulge too much personal information about yourself or main characters in the story. A general rule of thumb is that if you'd be ashamed or concerned telling the story publicly, it's probably best to pick something else. This noted, you can make the placemarkers and text anonymous, so some level of confidentiality can be assumed. If you have any questions regarding a particular point, feel free to speak to David or Mike in confidence.

You will be adding a data layer representing your own stories. These stories should involve a brief textual narrative (including links if applicable), and a visual component (e.g., personal photos, images downloaded (and sourced!) from the Internet, etc.)

A page of technical help for this assignment can be found in Google Earth Resources

The images, text and placemarkers on Google Earth should be tightly coupled. Placemarkers should be specific, with the narrative tied to specific visual images in Google Earth (e.g., in a story of your childhood home, a specific street, park, house, etc. is better a placemarker to Scarbourough or Bangalore in general.) In this way, your story should be at a more detailed level rather than a superficial overview of your life events.

Your placemarker images will need remote hosting...UTM web account, Flickr, Photobucket are a few options.

Final Deliverables

You will submit this assigment as an exported .KMZ file, along with a 1-page writeup that lists your placemarkers and offers a brief reflection on why these were included and how they are relevant to your life. Please note the following steps:
  1. Use the following naming convention for KMZ files: "lastname_firstname.kmz" or "lastname_firstintial.kmz" . Example: gelb_david.kmz or gelb_d.kmz
  2. You will also submit two copies of your 1-page write up: a) hard copy handed in in class b) soft copy using the same naming convention as above (pdf or word document acceptable) and submitted with KMZ file. Include your full name and tutorial section.
# Files to be submitted on the Elara server. Go to: David Gelb/CCT370 A1 Hand In. More information on submission through Elara can be found here.