Year 1923

Group members

Cuann-Ming Chen
Steven Lin

Assignment 4 - Information Space
Planning Document

Brief description - scope "concept of interest" to outline the team's focus and objectives:
Our group will be focusing our information space assignment base on the devastating casualty “The Great Kanto Earthquake”. Happened in Japan on September 1, 1923, this earthquake devastated Tokyo, Yokohama, Chiba, Kanagawa, and Shizuoka, causing widespread damages throughout the region. This devastation made estimated deaths ranged from about 100,000 to 142,000 plus approximately 37,000 missing and then presumed dead. Our objective includes a more in depth research on this devastating casualty then organizing this information to present clearly on our information space.

Content planning - how new content will be arranged within the new site with reference to information architecture (navigation systems, organization schemes and structures):
On our information space assignment we will be including different sectors to organize our researched information.
  • Introduction – Brief descriptions
  • Damage Statistics – Numbers of death and missing, damages on cities, earthquake statistics and etc
  • Post-Quake Violence – How did the panic and confusion from the earthquake affect the people in the region
  • Aftermath – What are the responses after the devastating earthquake

The Great Kanto Earthquake - 1923