A4: Information Spaces

1. Group Members: Anastasia Trofimova, Amena Siddiqui (994714369)

2. Hitler came to power officially as Fuhrer of the Nazi party in 1921. This lead to one of the most bloodiest political disasters known in history as World War 2, costing countless lives to be ruined for the next 40 years.

3. The content of this presentation will involve a close look at the political atmosphere in Germany, the inside situation between various parties and Hitler’s personal ambitions and strategies that finally resulted in this much power. We will include a C-map style layout of the concepts like: Current History, Personal, Political Associations, Image and Platform. We will include references to historical documents as well as any images and videos (that are in abundance on this topic). Overall, this will be a structured website that will establish the circumstances for the beginning of the worst bloodbath in the 20th century.