Group Members: Tawnya Werb & Rohit Gomes

Brief description - scope "concept of interest" to outline focus and objectives:

Our concept of interest is the invention of Technicolor (colour film process) and its evolutionary progress through history from 1917, when technicolor 1 was developed. Our goals are to...
  • visually illustrate how the process works to capture an image
  • briefly explain the process of development and inventors
  • how the technicolor process has been used to render film
  • examples of film using this process (ie. Wizard of Oz, Singing in the Rain, The Adventures of Robin Hood, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs etc.)
  • spin-offs or advancements from any latter developments that have evolved over the past century.

Content planning - how new content will be arranged within new site with reference to information architecture (ie.navigation systems, organization schemes and structures):

technicolor_-_stage.jpgOur site will be in the formation of a theatre stage - where technicolor films were first presented (before the development of television). Seeing as how technicolor makes use of vibrant colour filtering, we will implement the use of colour intensity in our site design, geared toward aesthetic appeal. To keep navigation consistent, we will place a table of contents at the base of the stage, which will remain on each page/link. These pages will include the ideas mentioned above, which will further discuss and illustrate various parts of of the technicolor process and its evolution through time. We will place a heavy emphasis on graphics, film stills and clips, to give a better impression of how this colour film process works (as well to make it interesting). In the end, our goal is to make the information space simplistic and easy to navigate around and structured in a logical manner with flow, for greater learnability and user ease. With the added asthetic presence, we hope to make the space fun and engaging.

Idealized Timeline

  • March 19: Play around with CSS and HTML in Dreamweaver, learning potential techniques to be used
  • March 21: Finalize a design layout (theatre-based and use of vibrant colouring)
  • March 23: Begin adding elements to site (information, images, links etc.)
  • March 27: Make any last minute edits/touchups
  • March 28: Website should be fully operational - due on the 29th!

  • 1917_index.JPG