1916 Content Planning Document

Purpose of Page

This content planning document is part of the 1916 information space project. It is a lengthy section of our project proposal and cluttered the main wiki page. This page also lists our schedule.

Idea (A): Glamorous Ladies Room

The theme is that it is a private area that woman can learn about each other. The theme is that there is feeling, that this is a place where men cannot really interfere. This can be a metaphor for how men over dominate most social institutions of the time. However the ladies room is where women can share their accomplishments, morals and values with out the interference of a man.

The main page will link to various accomplishments related to women using flash animation, related to icons you would find in a high-class 1916 ladies bathroom. The main goal of the web page is to use icons that users will use intuitively. For example, a key hole at the corner of the page, could lead to another web page.

Regarding Layout and Design
  • Red, Black and White are used as basic themed colors for banners, text, icons, and flash related media. The reason for these colors is because the red gives the feeling of warmth and sexiness. And the black and white, will balance that, whith a feeling of sophistication and class.
  • Or we can try a fresh new type of sophistication like. utm unite website. or billboard.com. with clean space and freshing colors.
  • Glamorous perfume bottles as button icons.
  • Different screen shots of glamorous 1916 style bathrooms used as a background. However, I solid colored text box will appear over it, so that information is legible.
  • Several other potential icons to use in design: key hole, brass facet, towel with golden imbedded writing, flowers, classic style couch, contemporary mirror’s
  • We will also try to strongly follow the guidline set buy Jakob Neilson, regarding most popular mistakes in a web page, and also his revised model he made after three years of making the previous guidlines.
  • The main goal of this site is to be an educational way for women to research about other important women related information from 1916. The web page is geared towards women of the new hi-tech generation, who are looking for an sopisticated and empowering place to learn about women in history, oppose to a library, online enyclopedia, are can be un-interesting.
  • The Website will be can quick facts bubbles, quiz multiple choice quizzes, to break up information in scannable form, which is interesting to read. Our group feels like we have just scratched the surface of its potential. We hope to uncover new ways of displaying information

Lavish Lounge Images

external image 29.jpg
external image Ladies20room20for20Queen.jpg

Idea (B) : Online Newspaper

For centuries the media has sorted through the news and fed society what is considered important. The 1916 online newspaper of the 1916 Cmap will be coded using HTML and CSS to look and feel like an authentic 1916 newspaper. This project maximizes 21st century technology to visualize a dominant medium of the previous century. The presentation of an online newspaper creates issues surrounding optimal site navigation, for instance between different issues showcasing dramatic events of the year to the website's core organizational structure, mainly, the placement of the articles and visual display of each issue's front page.

After brainstorming for an ideal format of our online paper a few possibilites are still being debated. The first idea being a fixed menu across the top of the web page (closest to and underneath the address bar) which links to the different issues for the year. Each issue features a unique front page graphic and a possible flash animation which mimics a page turn animation. A second option would be a stable, fixed graphic interface, of which the front page articles are the actual links to the different issues.

Online Newspaper Images

1916 Front Page

Old Teeth, 1916

Prince Albert, 1916


Feb 1

-Brainstorm topics


-Natural Events


March 5

-Complete Cmap
-Combined everyone's work into a master map and edited irrelevant concepts

March 12

-Finalize Planning Document
-Complete the planning document due on March 15 and posted it to wiki.

March 19

-Gather research surrounding women's rights movements
-Find multi-media to use in info space
-Start adding information to HTML documents

March 26

-Finish CSS coding
-Finish write up

March 29

-All done!

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