Group Members:

Raymond Young
YanYan Yiu

Division of Group Work:

Ray & Yan will split the research =)

Our Topic:

For this project we will be presenting an information space on US President Woodrow Wilson. We are interested in looking into President Wilson’s life in 1914 because he was one of the key players in the run up to the First World War, even though the United States was not an active participant in the war’s first year. Additionally, the US President is often viewed as the leader of the free world and it would be very interesting to focus in on this view and present why this is so.

Scope wise for this project, we will aim to focus on what he did from the Oval Office and the ramifications it had on the year we presented in the concept map.

Our objectives are to present an information space in which users can learn about the life of Woodrow Wilson and the presidency in 1914.

Content Planning:

In this early stage of the project it is difficult to say how the final layout of the information space will look in regards to the to navigation and menus as we are still gathering the research for our concept. However, we plan to use the skills we learned from the concept map and apply them to our information space when it comes to organizing the information. For example, when designing the information space we aim to have most of the information under titles in the menu bar and to have it expand only when clicked upon. This approach we are looking to take is very similar to the one we took when designing the concept map.