1910 Info Space: Planning document

Team Members of 1910:

Able Lee
John (Fu Lang) Liu

Brief description:

Our concept of interest for the year 1910 is King George V (George Frederick Ernest Albert). After evaluating the significant topics of this year, we believe King George V would be an interesting person for the team to expand and develop upon into a web-based Information Space. Our objective of the information space is to present an informative outline of King George V’s achievements and social influence in his life time. For example, he was very influential in both world war 1 and 2. In 1910, his father King Edward VII died. George begins his reign as monarch of Britain the same year until 1936. Since, King George V is such a famous person there should be a decent amount of sources available such as images, video, and artifacts of him that will visually enhance the overall design of this web site.

Content Planning:

For content planning, we believe visual design and layout of the web site would be crucial to the organizing and structuring of content and information. As for this, we will create a well designed template to organize the contents. Our web site will have a global navigation system with rollover buttons for the user to browse around with ease. We will focus to make our web page very interactive with good usability and accessibility. Our web site will break down the contents according to title and different items such as political events, his education, his ancestor and background, achievements and Works Cited and possibly a page devoted to media such as video. Throughout this web site we will also highlight important words to help the user to understand the topic better. As for this project we are using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) with html this is a simple mechanism for adding style to our web site will further help us created a more consistent overall layout.

Image of King George V:


The Royal Tree



Week of March 12
- complete the proposal and begin brainstorming
- begin designing the web page

Week of March 19
- begin researching
- finish the design of the web page
- begin writing the main content

Week of March 26
- place finish touches on the final product
- make sure the web page fully function without any errors
- hand in project

Works Cited:

Image: wikipedia. " George V." 2006. 12 Mar. 2007
Banner created by Able Lee using Adobe Photoshop
Image: RBA "King_George_V" 12 March 2007
Image: InforPlease "The Royal Family Tree" 12 March 2007