Our team includes Tyler Meddings and Nick Jagiello, and the focus for our information space will be the Ford Model T since we felt it was one of the most interesting and important developments during 1908. In this info space, we aim to cover the history of the Model T and its impact on both the automotive industry as well as how it re-shaped the way western culture viewed transportation in general. The information space itself will be built with a navigation bar along the left side including all of the subsections on our topic, with a title banner across the top of the page indicating the name of that section. The information for each section will be displayed below this banner and to the right of the navigation bar, taking up the majority of the site’s real-estate. The topics will be organized in chronological order, starting with the origins of the model-T, how it’s production and distribution unfolded, and ending with the effects it had and in what capacities.