Christopher Tham & Ulysses Pabuna
CCT370 - Assignment 4
March 14, 2007

Ford - Planning Document

- Founder, Henry Ford
- Ford’s first Model A >> Model T (and its historic creation of popular use of automobiles)
- Assembly line >> popularization of Mass Production
- Competition: Big Three automakers in North America– Ford, Chrysler, GM
- Economic philosophy, Fordism (form of production) named after Henry Ford.

Scope of Topic
Based on our concept map of events in 1903, we’ve decided to explore the automobile company Ford and its accomplishments and events as our concept of interest to create our information space. Why Ford? As one of the largest companies at the time, Ford has created and influenced economics and standard of living in the Western world. Ford played a major role in the start-up and popularization of mass production and consumption. This was the vision of Henry Ford, the founder of Ford Motor Company who revolutionized the automobile industry. Ford’s first automobile, the Ford Model A in 1903 to the Ford Model T in 1908 (which popularized the usage of automobiles) has set the standard for other popular Ford models (e.g. Ford Mustang). They have also become a major factor in the automobile branding industry. Other car companies have sprouted which include Chrysler and General Motors, making Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors known as the Big 3 automobile makers in North America. The creation of the assembly line created mass production, which enabled the economic philosophy of Fordism (form of production) to be coined after Henry Ford.

Design Planning
Our website will incorporate a horizontal viewing focus -- i.e. reading from left to right instead of top to bottom -- as a symbolic reference to the aforementioned assembly line. The navigation component will also be displayed in a horizontal fashion to allow more horizontal visual space in the website and follow the assembly line theme. The content organization will be a horizontal navigational bar at the top. The content will be placed within a div in the middle to allow easy manoeuvrability with CSS, a smaller div layer on the right side for external/reference links, and a footer div for miscellaneous information and details. One of our links in the navigation menu will be a site map to ensure viewers have easier accessibility to our site. With the available resources, we will not include a search option due to the simplicity of our site.
We will implement a rugged brushed metallic appearance and sepia-like colour scheme, similar to the predecessor of apple’s Macintosh OS. This will portray our purpose of industrialization of 1903 within the website. Our site will be diverse with multimedia such as videos, sound, images, hyperlinks, and flash to round out the site to avoid homogeneity. CSS also allows the ability to not conform to set dimensions in web site, as we are able to move and manipulate content no matter the viewer’s display disregarding the dimensions and boundaries components of information architecture.

Topics of Interest
* Entertainment
* Politics