Back to 1900 - Info Space Planning Document

Possible Events / Topics:

  • Summer Olympics 1900 in Paris, France
  • Harry Vardon become world golf champion
  • Canada Government doubles head tax on Chinese Immigrants
  • John Hays announces the "Open Door Policy" to promote trade with china
  • strikes in Belgium and Germany lead to mining riot
  • William McKinley re-elect US President
  • Queen Victoria died
Global Events:
  • The term "television" coined Constantini Perskyi in Paris, France
  • The Boer War
  • Boxer rebellion
  • Galveston Hurricane

Technology & Scientific Discovery
  • The first electric bus becomes operational in New York City
  • Dr. Henry A. Rowland of Johns Hopkins university discover the cause of the Earth's Magnetism
  • A man claims that X-rays have cured his cancer
  • - First zeppelin flight on Lake Constance near Friedrichshafen, Germany
  • The invention of "paperclips" by Johann Vaaler
  • the first commercial escalator which won a first prize at the Paris 1900 Exposition Universelle in France
  • Max Planck publish Quantum Theory