Team Members:
Nelson Tai, Siu Ting Mok, Victor Liu

Brief Description:
We will mainly focus on the Boxer Rebellion/Boxer Uprising. The Boxer Rebellion is one of the biggest political event on a global scale during the year of 1900. It involved many countries and took place in China. Many sectors of China were affect by it such as the economical, politcal, sociocultural, etc. We will focus on the events that occured during the rebellion, such as the allied troops arriving to China and the Boxer Society going against foreign powers. We will address who the Boxer Society is and why they were formed. We will also focus on why the allied troops were interested in coming into China and tried to control the politics, economy and culture of China. Our objective is to show all aspects of the Boxer Rebellion.

Content Planning:
Our website will be divided into the following sections:
1. Introduction (A brief description of event)
2. The Boxer Rebellion (Who they were and their purpose)
3. The Allied Troops (Who they were and their purpose)
4. Events (Detailed description and explanation of what happened)
5. Conclusion (What was the result in the end of the Boxer Rebellion event)

All of the above sections will be accessed through buttons on the main interface. In other to effectively depict our topic, the interface will be designed with a Chinese style. Images and sketches will be used throughout the website to give the audience a better visual understanding of the event.

1900 Events Research