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Welcome to the CCT 370 Class Wiki

This Wikispace evolves as content is posted relating to topics of interest in "Introduction to Computer Visualization", a course in the Communication Culture and Information Technology program offered jointly between University of Toronto - Mississauga and Sheridan College Insititute of Technology and Advanced Learning . It also serves as central meeting point for the course including projects, updates, scheduling, resources, announcements and any other material that informs and promotes class activities.

cct370.pngIn the previous CCIT courses we have taught (as some of you already know), the wiki thrives through frequent and thoughtful contributions. First and foremost, this is your space to develop in a way that it benefits you and your colleagues in order to heighten your understanding of course concepts. Remember that wiki involves a collective responsibility; when content is posted, it is up to members to further develop the content. This means "your" writing, once posted, becomes public property and members are encouraged to edit and improve upon the original written work.

Debate, questioning, reflection and pushing the limits are all part of generating and maintaining a lively intellectual space. Frequent and thoughtful postings of visualization examples, topics, summaries, discussions, questions,feedback are good beginning points. Others have found that creating graphics and other media assets helps to build a sense of community.

Any further questions or comments can be directed to your co-instructors David Gelb and Michael Jones

A quick note to Mac user, for best quality in using wikispaces please download Mozilla Firefox because wikispace might not work for all browsers and some of the tools might not show up, thanks.

Course Related News

Jan. 26, 2007: For anyone interested: Google's Show us your university campus in 3D Competition utilizing Google Earth announced. If you're interested in making a UTM team click here.