Now that the final season of The Sopranos has started, I am curious as to how everyone is reacting/enjoying the last season of one of the greatest tv series of all time? Me personally, I have enjoyed watching the show from its conception.

The early episodes have been a little 'mob cliche', however as the story progressed and the show matured, it developed its very own stature and mood. The quality of the show has increased tremendously, and it is referred to as 'the great tv series ever made'.

What makes this so special is that the cast and supporting crew are very tight lipped about the story and plot of the show (Everyone who has taken 353 should know the difference). Anyway, I am sad to see the show end, however since it is not a regular network tv show that get so saturated that you become sick from the over exposure, it is a very classy touch to end the show after only 7 sevens.

I guess it is like becoming a saint. In order to become one, you must be dead. Hahah, not to sound morbid, but greatness comes after your lifespan.
Just my 2 cents - Michael Yoo