Post any interesting links relevant to the course here:

  • Acid Fonts - You can browse through tons of fonts, add them to your system library, and use them for future projects. Be sure to use Illustrator to turn them into images before adding them to websites and whatnot because it is unlikely that others have these specific fonts, and so if you do not turn them into picture files, then they will default to Times New Roman on the viewer computer.
  • CSS FAQ's - this page will answer some common questions regarding CSS
  • CSS Tutorial - some tutorials and guides to using CSS
  • Digg - Another community-based website devoted ranking articles, blogs, news, syndications on the web.
  • Dreamweaver - this software will be used to create your A4 infospaces. You may download the demo in here
  • Goggles - Google maps flight simulator. An interesting implementation of Google maps.
  • Google Earth Blog - Daily Google Earth (GE) news, features, tips, technology, and applications.
  • Google Earth Focuses on Darfur - Google is using its mapping service to call attention to atrocities in the Darfur region of Sudan
  • Google Maps - Search for maps, addresses and driving directions for locations all over the world.
  • Great Map - Interesting site which links to many different and artistic maps. Also offers more links.
  • How to use Dreamweaver - a guide to using the program
  • - A website that has a collection of interactive visualiation projects. This website was mentioned in class.[[|]]
  • Interactive visualization
  • Kinds of Concept Maps - categories of concept maps
  • - This site is great for learning basic HTML or looking up code. May be useful for the Info Space assignment.
  • MindMapping- A concept map that was used to help an MBA student in his assignment
  • Shift Happens- A interesting video dealing with globalization and the future of information technology. Slow to start with but has some fascinating facts towards the end.
  • SketchUp - This was mentioned in class. It's an easy-to-learn 3D modeling program. Google SketchUp is free and available for download.
  • Slashdot /. - Community-based website devoted to news, articles, mostly related to science to technology.[[|]]
  • Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus - This was mentioned in the class. You can use the trial to see the visual relationship between thesaurus.
  • USGS National Mapping - (US Geological Survey) You can get the national mapping program, geographic analysis and monitoring, land remote sensing, and science impact of US and Canada.
  • Web 2.0 - You tube - this is a funny clip regarding Web 2.0 if anyone is interested.
  • - This is a great site that offers all the HTML codes that will help you for the first assignment.