• I agree with Bashir, the test was fair and IF you attended the lectures and kept up with the readings you should have done fine. I enjoyed the essay portion because it allowed us to explore the practical side of the course content. However, like others I think there should have been more MC questions worth less marks than a few worth 3 marks each.
- Nomaan Chaoudhry (+1 to contribution count)

With such a jam packed final week of classes, I really don’t remember the test too clearly. However, from what I do remember, I think the test challenged our analysis and synthesis of the concepts we learned in class.
- Nicholas Narine
  • The test was fair and a good length. Professor did a great job in testing our knowledge of what we have learned this year. In terms of improvement, I feel the allocation of marks was a little unfair. For example, 3 points for a multiple choice question is too much.
- Andrew Kung

  • I felt the test was well designed, and there was ample time to complete the elements. I found the multiple choice to be a bit tricky, but perhaps I didn't study enough. Overall, a fair test. - Andrew Mallon
  • I found that only a couple of the short answer questions - because they were just generally 2 word "questions" - quite vague since I had studied for this test yet the specific words (like cognitive mapping) seemed to blur with a lot of other info vis concepts floating around in my mind, and that if looking for a specific definition, I don't know that I provided it. Matt Krizsan

  • I felt that the test was fairly designed, except the multiple choice was a bit tricky. Too many all of the above options really confused me. However, the short answers and the essay question reflected well upon the content we learned in class. Let's hope we all did well. - Shereen Mir

  • I agree with Omar, the test was pretty fair for the most part. The multiple choices although were a bit difficult but nothing ridiculous. People who kept up with the readings and attended the lectures would have found it rather reasonable. The second essay question was very broad and covered alot of grounds from the course, and the availablility of option for the essay question was pretty helpful since it was worth a huge portion of the mark.
-Bashir Khan
  • I thought it was pretty fair to be honest. If you kept up with the readings and the lecture notes throughout the semester the content should not have been a surprise to anyone. The multiple choice was a bit tricky; the short answer were straight forward and the essay questions covered a very broad topic and so it allowed you to talk about a lot. Hope I don't jinx my self!
- Omar Imran

  • The multiple choice had me a bit on edge because each question was worth 3 marks. Overall, I thought it was fair because a lot of the questions were broad and open-ended. The essay question at the end allowed us to integrate our own experiences into concepts covered in the course. It wasn't too bad at all because I was able to finish it with plenty of time to spare.
- Thomas Lee
  • I would agree with Thomas about the multiple choices. They were not really that hard, but since they were worth 3 marks each, I took a some bit of time on them. The length of the test was fair and it allowed us with a good amount of time to finish the test and to check it over. The essay questions were a good way for us to apply the terms and knowledge we gained from the class. I was expecting something similar to question 1 of the essay questions, so I was able to answer the question appropriately and know what I am talking about.
-Nelson Tai
  • I would have to say that generally the test was fair and not too difficult if you studied and kept up with the material covered in class as well as the readings, but the multiple choice questions were a bit tricky and also had me feeling a little worried since each of the questions was worth 3 marks. In retrospect, I would have preferred to have had more multiple choice question worth one mark each.
- Bashir Mussa
  • I would have to agree with Bashir on this one. I believe the test was fair. Everything was from lecture however I found the multiple choice a bit difficult. I found myself guessing on a couple of them. I liked the general format of the test because I believe the essay/short answer questions really tested our knowledge. I'm hoping for a good mark when I get all my marks back.

  • I would have to agree with Bashir on this one. I feel the best word to describe the test is fair. The short answer/essay questions really tested our knowledge and that’s why they were given most of the weight in the marking scheme. I found the multiple choice questions a bit difficult. Overall, I’m hoping for a good mark when everything is said and done. Great fun with a great teacher!
  • - Neil SehraNeil SehraNeil Sehra

• I felt that the test was very consistent with the style of questions that I have been exposed to before in other of Mike Jone's classes. I felt that the material that we learned in lecture and through readings were very relevant and if one studdied well for the test, would be able to successfully write it. I especially like how the essay questions forced us to utilize all our knowledge from the class and apply it to real life situations that we personally can relate to. We were given the opportunity to gather all of our knowledge and appy it to a well thought out response that would encumpass many elements. My only concern is that I felt I was not able to showcase my knowledge of the course as well as I had hoped. I think that maybe more questions were in order for the multiple choice as well as the short answer sections. Also, this way maybe students wouldn't feel so discouraged if they were not able to properly answer one question. Due to the nature of the class, being unable to answer even one question will have a moderate impact on their mark. Overall, however, I was very pleased with the test and felt it was more than fair.
-Denyse Gibson

-Peter Diep
  • The test definitely challenged all of our understanding of the concepts and theories that were taught throughout the semester. The accumulation of material from January to April accounted for a large amount of knowledge gained in that very period. Although the idea of having one test may appeal to some students, I feel that the amount of information required to be consumed for one test was large. In dividing the test into two separate ones, students could get a more in depth understanding of a smaller amount of material and grasp the concepts alot better. Overall the test was a fair and hopefully the results are good for me and everyone else.

Like the others, I also felt that the test was fair. I found the multiple choice questions were quite challenging than the other two components. The short answers were just like all the every other test from Mike Jones/David Gelb's courses -- test our knowledge of the theory and concepts taught in class and apply it. I, particularly liked the essay part where we could apply our knowledge into our daily lives. Overall, the test was fair... but to remember everything from January to April is quite difficult. It would be better if we had a midterm.
- Gordon Lai

The test was relatively straightforward and seemed like a good reflection on the materials learnt in the course. As stated by the other people though, the multiple choice section was somewhat difficult mainly due to them not having clear answers in combination with those darn all/none of the above choices.
- Nicholas Jagiello

I agree with Peter and Gordon that separating the material into 2 different tests would have made it easier. Other than that, fair test, tough multiple choice as Nicholas said, good essay questions.
- William Thomas

I found the essay question to be a good reflection of what we learned throughout the term. The short answers were a little more challenging than I expected, although they were all taught either in lectures or in the textbook. Overall I think the final was consistent and fair.
- Vivian Y.

I believe that the test was fair, since the difficult multiple choice questions were balanced out with the open- ended essay question that allowed us to incorporate personal knowledge with course material. However I do agree with Denyse that the test did not allow us to showcase all of the knowledge we gained from the course, and I do feel that more short or long answer questions could have been added to the test.
- Natalie Warr

The test was fair and had good options. No test can allow one to showcase ALL the knowledge they have learnt. So, in the timeframe of 2 hours, the amount of m/c & s/a questions given, plus the essay allowed sufficient time for us to think, organize and look over our work. It's horrible writing those exams where you have to constantly keep writing....well, that happens in the English courses and VCC201 at UTM (from experience). Also, its just plain boring to keep writing so much and it makes me sleepy (thus, brain stops working) because my hand is working overtime (in my opinion). So David, I think your test was well executed regarding your choice of questions and the amount as well. My suggestion to David, in behalf of those who want to be able to showcase more of what they have learnt (i'm trying not to be biased here :P), would be to add a midterm with a final test rather than making just the final test any longer.
- Rohit

The final test was fair and allowed one to demonstrate the knowledge that they have learnt throughout the term. As people noted, the multiple choices was somewhat challenging, but they were taught in class so I can’t complaint much here. For the short answer questions, I think it would helpful if there is the option to pick the questions from a giving list. What I like the most about this test was the essay topics; they allowed people to express their ideas and interests.

I really liked the final test. The amount of information we were supposed to write was fair. The level of questions was ok. I generally like the format that Mike Jones/David Gelb use in their tests as it's not only based on our knowledge but also on the skills to apply what we have learned to specific problems. The part I liked the most was the essay. It allowed for a lot of creativity and you could really think of different ways of approaching the topic which is excellent as not all of us like to create formal essays under time preassure. I think that all the information was relevant to the course and it was an excellent way to summerise what we have learned in the course. The amount of time is always a problem for me but I don't think there is something that can be done about that. Enjoy the summer!

The final test overall is based on what we have learned and not just by mermorizing everything on a text book but to apply it on daily life with examples. The essay allow us to actually reflected on what we learned in this couse instead of struggling on remembering all course materials. The multiple choices are hard due to the "all of the above" choice provided and it might be a great idea to make the short answer part to "Five pick Four to answer".
- Catarina Gaspar

The final test was fair, but the MCs were a bit tricky! The test wasnt based on memorizing all the things from the lecture notes, instead, the prof did a great job testing us on the concepts. I thought the essay was very straightforward, it kind of summerized the whole term we have leaned in this course.
Have a great summer guys.
-Yuan-Sheng Chien

The final test was fair, but the multiple choice was a bit tricky. The test require a lot of knowledge from the text material and i thought the essay was pretty straight forward, overall it was fair.

Hmm, final test eh? I think the final test was actually quite fair. There was plenty of time to write it, and there were no tricks or curves thrown at us. The problem I had was that I was writing another test right after the 370 one, which was CCT 353. I found it difficult to study for both of the tests and having a little rest period in between the two tests. I deliberately finished the test a little early so I could review for 353 and save some energy to write. Other than that, I think the final test was very fair, except for the multiple choice, the questions seemed very ambiguous and were difficult to answer. - Michael Yoo

I felt that the final test was fair as long as one has read the textbook and went to the guest lectures, the test was pretty straightforward for the multiple choice and short answers. - Weifang Liu

I think the final test was fair but it will be great if less writing questions are given. For those who (like me) need more time to organize what they have learned in brain in order to put down the answer, it was a hard test. Not the test itself is hard but the time is limited. Although I think the test was not hard, I didn't have enough time to finish it or make it better. I would like to suggest the professor to give less writing style questions. Thanks - Fang-Jiun Lin

- Test was fair and if you studied or at least had a general understanding of the topics we covered in the course you should have got by just fine. Classic Prof. Gelb/Jones test, take the knowledge you've learned and apply in a real-world example. It really forces you to take the theory further and view how it can (or could) relate in your life. The best thing about that test (just like any other) is that its over. Andrew Skara

- I thought the test was fair without any tricky questions and the length was good. I thought the multiple choices were a bit hard. Also, I wished we had choices on answering multiple choices. However, the short answers were straight forward so I have no complaints. - Jaehun Kim
- I thought that the test was fair and the questions are clear and straightforward. The writing questions are okay, it seem to fit the required time well, so I thought overall the test was quite fair. Szu-yu Yeh

Due to the massive amount of assignments due in my other classes, I did have much time to prepare for this test. Despite not studying for much, this test wasn't too bad for me. The MC and short answer questions were straightforward. And the essay question was quite interesting as it requires us to apply some course concepts to a real life situation.
-Sam Sheng-Yuan Chen

I thought that during the final exam it was fair to what we had learnt throughout the class, but because we had so many projects and other finals due that week and on the smae day it was hard to fully prepare for the final. I would have liked more multip choice to even out the weight in markings. The essay I thought was a fiar question, but a little hard to understand what exactly I needed to write about.
-Li-Lian Lim

I think the best way to test students is with a final essay, however , ithink its important to breaak down the essay, so that people can right it in a different format. I think its very difficult to right a cohesive essay in just a short amount of time. I think it would have been more appropriate to have various questions that students could adress ,to give the essay more structure oppose to just suc ha broad topic. Beacuase us ccit student spend so much time on a computer, are writing skills have gone south for the semister. Besides ,we re used to learing from the wiki space in fragemented information, i think shuld be able to answer in the same way to some extent,
-mayukh mitra