What will the format of the final test be?
The format will most likely be a few multiple choice, some short answer questions and longer essay type questions. Since the test has not actually been designed yet, I cannot say for certain, but stay tuned (here and in class) for any further updates - dgelb dgelb
Is the weight of material balanced between readings and lectures, or should we focus on one more than the other?
It's fair to say that the lecture material provides a pretty good roadmap to the important points in the readings and text. But also, a fair chunk of material touched in the readings was expanded out in lecture and so class notes will help here. So the two are not separable, so its best to be familiar with both. - dgelb dgelb
When finalized, can the exam breakdown be posted here please?
I am not sure if this helps much but the breakdown is as follows: a) 5 multiple choice b) 5 short answer questions c) choice of 1 essay questions out of 2 - dgelb dgelb
Will essay question answers depend solely on examples from course material (i.e. lectures and readings), or can we use examples outside of the course material?
Examples outside of course material can be brought in (I would think), if it relates and connects to the questions provided.

Just to add to the above.... yes this is correct. Bringing your connections to the concepts covered in class is actually an improvement in understanding as it demonstrates your ability to apply ideas to real examples. So not only is this allowed but also encouraged!- dgelb dgelb