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Physical Mapping Examples

1. TTC Subway/RT Route - An Example of a Physical Mapping we use everyday
2. GO Train System Map - A overview of the physical mapping system used by the GO train.
3. MIRAVI Meris Image Rapid Visualization - Near real-time satellite images of the earth
4. Mapquest - a very popular website for directions to specific addresses and locations. Has recently been applied as a verb (e.g. "Mapquest it!")
5. Gawker: NYC Subway Smell Map - An interesting website where it displays particular smell information of different NYC stations.
6. Flash Earth - Satellite and Aerial Imagery of the Earth (Flash version of Google Earth! Pretty cool!)
7. WorldWind - Similar to google earth from Nasa and was made with multiple resources and has a lot more options
8. London Underground map - a map of London's large subway system
9. Hong Kong MTR map - a map of Hong Kong's subway system, has many similarities with the London Underground map
10. NYC Subway Map - a map of Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) New York City Subway
11. Georges Pompidou Center- a building with it's contents turned outside.
12. Platial: The People's Atlas - a site where users can create maps for different areas of interest (ie. skateboarding spot map)
13. Physical mapping of Genome - This page briefly presents some techniques used for the physical mapping of the genome

Data Visualization Examples

1. Newsmap
2. marumushi
3. Smartmoney
4. Gallery of Data Visualization - The Best and worst of Statistical Graphics
5. The Baby Name Wizard: NameVoyager - This is a graphical represenation of the popularity of baby names from the past century.
6. Lab Escape - graphical representation of financial and stock market trends
7. LogicaLand - graphical representation of the world's population, gnp, nutrition level etc. over a projected timeline
8. InfoScope - allows for visual comparison of data between countries
9. Web Trends (Subway-Style Map) - a visual representation of recent web trends
10. Le Grand Content - association chain displayed with visuals
11. Word Count - a visual representation of the most frequently used English words.
12. Colour Code - a visual representation of words grouped by meaning and assigned by a colour based on the average image colour found in a search engine.
13. Base26 - a visual representation of all the 4-letter words in the English language
14. Mappr! - A visual representation of the flicker photo database distributed across geography
15. Touchgraph -allows one to visualize and explore social networks for websites
16. Cheiro Chat Interface - a chat interface that allows you to use your mouse to deliver your message. The message is then visually delivered.
17. Mind Mapping Through a mind friendly and simple to use interface, you can visualize your thinking and quickly arrange and organize your work.
18. ModViz Virtual Graphics Platform: VGP software solutions enable the entire enterprise to interactively visualize very large 3D data sets, increase end-user productivity
19. Photo modeler: is a powerful 3d software product that calculates measurements and constructs 3d models from your photographs simply and easily.
20. A virtual world of visualization
For Education: general info
21. Thinking Maps Lots of easy great examples of word webbing with many suggestions and excellent teaching models.
22. cheiro chat interface
23. Thinkmap Visual Thesaurus
24. - A vast collection of well-designed cartograms with many interesting categories to choose from.
25. Eye-Sys - real time data visualization tool that allows users to gather data and manipulate them from different sources
26. Somemore examples of data Visualization
27. Ms. Dewey - a humorous visualization example of how Internet searches could be "humanized"
28. They Rule - invites users to reveal links between the directors of major corporations.
29. Mary Flanagan's '[collection]' - shows the dreamworld of networked computers - many kinds of files float through cyberspace

Visualizations of Science

1. Visualization - Visualizing Science in Action (short article)
2. Hearing and sound fact: Hearing and Sound Fact
3. The Visible Human Project: Cross-section slices of a frozen human, played back as a 2D animation from head to toe.
4. DNA Replication (WEHI-TV): Animation of the DNA Replication process. Makes good use of sound to accompany the animation.
5. Some University of Toronto student examples of projects made in the biomedical communications program
note HSC program at UTM deals with biological visualization communication (careers in creating the images you see in science textbooks, science websites, pamphlets as well as movie presentations, like above)
6. Protein Databank - Helps with the study of biological macromolecules.
7. Map of Science - visualization of scientific papers and how they relate with each other through citing each other
8. Haptic input: an area of HCI
9. What would happen if humans disappeared tomorrow? - A visual timeline representing what would happen in such a scenario.
10. Physics Illustrator - Sketches of objects are made on a smart board and then has physics applied to them, to illustrate gravity, friction, momentum, etc.

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