Cmap Interesting Events

So now that we finished our Cmaps ranging up through the 1900's, and we all somewhat became experts on the assigned year, I am left curious what you found THE most random or interesting events for your assigned year?

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I'm thinking that this may be good way for you to figure out a theme for A4 and add to your Wiki contribution portion of this course at the same time. So don't be shy to share :)



  • Queen Victoria of England died after reigning for over 63 years.
  • The first four nobel prizes were handed out.
  • Picasso began his blue period.
  • William McKinley, the 25th US president, was assassinated.
  • Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th US president, became President.
  • The Boxer Rebellion in China officially ended.
  • Guglielmo Marconi recieves the first trans-Atlantic radio signal.
  • Hubert Cecil Booth invented and patented the first electrical vacuum cleaner.
  • The first American Standard Version of the Bible is first published.
  • Sigmund Freud coins "the Freudian Slip"
  • The Harley Davidson Company began when Harley Davison created the first blueprint of an engine to be put into a bike.
  • Instant Coffee was invented.
  • Beginning of the Tour de France
  • Establishment of Major League Baseball
  • Establishment of Ford Motor Company
  • Establishment of Pepsi Cola Company
  • Establishment of Harley Davidson Motorcycles
  • Release of the film, The Great Train Robbery
  • Wright Brothers' first flight

  • Model T begins production
  • Tunguska impact; massive asteroid hits the barren Russian landscape
  • Beginning of sufferage
  • Time Square New Year's ball used for the first time


  • First Explorer travels to the Magnetic South Pole.
  • University of Toronto Wins the Grey Cup
  • Muslim extremists murder 30,000 Armenians in April
  • Modern Plastics was invented by Hendrik Beakeland
  • United States Invade Nicaragua
  • Burgess Shale Cambrian fossil site is found
  • Ottawa Senators Win the Stanley Cup for the first time.
  • Instant Coffee was Invented


  • January 23 : Military coup in the Ottoman Empire, led by Enver Pasha, the CUP overthrew the Liberal Union coalition and introduced a military dictatorship (Coup of 1913)
  • March 4: Woodrow Wilson succeeds William Howard Taft as the 28th President of the United States
  • March 18: George I of Greece is assassinated
  • March 26: Balkan War , Bulgaria forces take Adrianople
  • May 30: First Balkan War : a peace treaty is signed in London ending the war
  • June 4: Emily Davison , a suffragette , runs out in front of the king's horse at the Epsom Derby . She is trampled and dies a few days later, never having regained consciousness
  • June 24: Joseph Cook becomes the 6th Prime Minister of Australia
  • August 4: In Chine , province of Chungking becomes independent . The Chinese Republican forces crush the rebellion in a couple of weeks
  • Arthur Wynne, from Liverpool, formulated the first cross-world puzzle. The puzzle materialized on December 21, 1913 in a Sunday newspaper, the New York World
  • Foxtrot became the latest dance craze in Canada in 1913
  • Marcel Duchamp’s painting the Nude Descending a Staircase’ created a controversy in Paris. It was displayed at the Armory Show in 1913
  • In 1913 Rabindranath Tagore of India won the Nobel Prize in literature
  • The History of Magic was first published in 1913
  • D.H. Lawrence published Sons and Lovers in 1913, an autobiographical novel that confronted themes of sexuality, which caused controversy
  • Grand Central, a monumental train station and a cultural icon of New York City, was first opened in 1913
  • Sinaia train station in Romania was built in 1913, by the Demeter Cartner Company.
  • Woolworth Building is one of the oldest and most important skyscrapers built in New York during 1913
  • Quebec Bulldogs won their second Stanley Cup
  • French author Marcel Proust publishes Du Cote de chez Swann (Swann’s Way)

  • Inventions
    • Electric clock invented
    • Electric loudspeaker invented
    • Britain initiates daylight saving time.
    • Albert Einstein's mathematical formulation for a general theory of relativity.
    • The Royal Army Medical Corps preforms the first successful blood transfusion using blood that had been stored and cooled.
    • The Sonar was invented to help counter the German submarines
    • X-ray tube was invented by William David Coolidge.
    • Stainless steel was invented by Henry Brearly.
  • Politics
    • Social welfare movement
    • Birth-control movement
    • Jeannette Rankinis, a Republican from Montana, becomes the first woman to be elected to the House of Representatives.
    • Jones Act restates U.S. intention to grant independence to the Philippine Islands once a stable government is formed.
    • Louis Brandeis is appointed to the Supreme Court, the first Jewish person to reach that position.
  • Art
    • Dadaism
  • War
    • WWI
    • Irish Easter Rebellion
  • Technicolor I was developed (led to colour processed film)
  • The USA entered WWI
  • John F. Kennedy was born
  • Shock Therapy was invented
  • The NHL was established
  • The Toronto Maple Leafs (formerly the Toronto Arena's) was formed
  • The Russian Revolution took place
  • Vimy Ridge took place (Canada had a BIG part in this battle)
  • Marcel Douchamp made "The Fountain" (a urinal - abstract art)



  • First Mickey Mouse comic strip on newspaper
  • First World Cup in Uruguay
  • 3M invented the Scotch Trap



  • Polish Jewish teacher leads a group of children to death camp.
  • Ghandi Arrested
  • 13 million women enter the workforce
  • First man-made object to reach space
  • Toronto Maple Leaves Win the Stanley Cup
  • Mohammad Ali is Born.



Just some interesting things that happened in this year
- Bwana Devil, first 3-D film created
- Clare Boothe Luce, the first woman to represent the United States in a diplomatic office
- Maureen Connolly, first women to win Tennis Grand Slam
- The First Corvette is made
- James D. Watson and Francis Crick claimed to have determined the structure of the DNA molecule
- Sir Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and Tenzing Norgay from Napalese Sherpa, become the first to reach the top of Mount Everest
- Dr. Jonas Salk developed the Polio Vaccine
- Queen Eliziabeth II coronation
- Julius and Ethel Rosenberg executed for espionage
- Joseph Stalin dies



  • First direct dial phones
  • Hollywood adopted the age-based rating system for films G, PG, R, X
  • The beginning of Packet Switching: Initial research begins for computer networking, followed by Laurence Roberts' proposal to connect computers in the MIT research department on dial-up telephone service... later to become the internet
  • The year also saw the advent of fiber-optic cables as Charles K. Kao and George Hockham demonstrate that fiber of very pure glass can be used for the transmission of light carrying data over long distances
  • Jimmy Donal Wales, also known as Jimbo Wales, the founder of Wikipedia and other wiki projects was born
  • Colour T.V. broadcasting began in Canada and the U.K.


  • Apollo 13 and other important space missions
  • Vietnam War
  • Lots of protests (most about the war) and events that came from such protests like the first Earth Day and the Kent State Shootings
  • Release of the Beatles last album "Let it Be"
  • Months that have terms associated with them "Black September", "October Crisis"
  • The first subcompact car, the AMC Gremlin
  • The first commercial flight of the Boeing 747. Jumbo jets become a norm for long flights. Air ticket prices become cheaper allowing more people to travel abroad leading to more "vacation packages".


  • Water gate scandal is the most biggest event during this year
  • Steve Nash born
  • TimHortons passed away


Not sure what the top year was, and the 80's were an era of big hair and bad car design... so am calling it at the 80's, but feel free to add.