Planning document due Mar 15 (5%)
Final work due Mar 29 (25%)

The final deliverable is a team project extending from the research and structure formulated in the Concept Map. Details will be discussed in class and posted on wiki.


Working in the same A2 teams, each group will review their Concept Map year to locate a “concept of interest” worthy of further of development into a web-based Information Space. This concept should be an event, a person(s), idea or object related to the year, that the team finds most compelling and chooses to explore. The self-chosen topic will be picked based on team’s collective interest and available resources. This project will require the team to expand and develop the topic in terms of its conceptual, visual and technical aspects. The goal of this project is to create an engaging, original and informative representation of the chosen topic in an interactive format.

Attention must be given to research, planning and development of an Information Space that is meant to generate awareness and interest.

This assignment will require your team’s attention to the following three stages of project development:

Research - investigation to deepen and broaden the topic, collection of resources, production of content in text, image and multimedia forms
Planning - information architecture, organizational schemes and structures, navigational systems, labeling, possible metaphors, modular components
Development -visual design, layout, technical integration

Technical Approach

This assignment will be developed using both HTML and CSS to create a web-based presentation. The tools of production will include web-authoring tools and approach to creates HTML and CSS documents. In this way, the content (HTML) will be separate from the structure (CSS) and can offer a range of advantages in terms of layout, consistency and accessibility.

HTML will used only for the content whereas CSS must be used to format and structure the site wherever possible. Other formatting solutions can only be used if not possible through CSS.


Planning Document,
Each team will complete in a document that outlines the team's plan to include:
  1. Names of all team members
  2. Brief description - scope "concept of interest" to outline the team's focus and objectives
  3. Content planning - how new content will be arranged within the new site with reference to information architecture (ie.navigation systems, organization schemes and structures)

It can be presented in text and/or graphic form and will be posted to the team wiki page by Mar 15

Your team will submit a completed Information Space in the form of HTML and CSS with all dependent resources. These resources will include digital media in the form of text, image, audio, hyperlinks and/or other important material that can be directly linked from the project interface.

The folder must be named your teams year (eg. 1949)

An index.html must be included in the folder directory at the root level for launching the project.

Included in your site content must be a link to a page includes a brief description of your project to articulate team approach (see above) and overall remarks. Also include a bibliography that accurately cites any and all referenced work. Also list names of all team members. Use the team name to title the submitted folder to the Elara Server > David Gelb > Hand In Folder > CCT370_A4

Included will be a one page (approximately 200 words) write that outlines your teams objectives and results. This will help your instructors understand the team's approach and offer any insights or useful background information. This will be submitted in hard copy in class Mar 29 and also be included as a hyperlinked page from the team's Information Space.

Due Date

This project is due Due Mar 29


This project is weighted at 30% of your course grade according to the following criteria:

Concept development (40%)
comprehensive exploration in terms of breadth and depth
develop an original and informative representation

Technical execution (20%)
creative and effective use of technical tools for project production
adherence to project criteria

Visual presentation (30%)
organization, layout, refinement

Documentation (5%)
articulate goals and results in final write up