1924 Planning Document

1924: Group Members

Denyse Gibson

Natalie Warr

Brief description

While working on our concept map, we both realized how interesting the overall theme of 1924 was: globally the world was experiencing a state that was looking positively past WWI yet also deeply critical of the tensions that still existed and would create WWII. We both have a keen interest in World War studies and this has lead to our pursuit in a minor in history. For this reason, we have decided to focus on the appeasement of Adolf Hitler as Hitler played a vital role within our concept map theme.

The instability found within Europe would continue to reflect the indecision of its political leaders in terms of their best plan for moving forward after WWI. Neville Chamberlain, who was Great Britain’s Prime Minister from 1937-1939, had a mission in mind to strengthen peace and promote stability in Europe at almost any cost. Chamberlain’s first objective was to resolve any remaining tensions with Germany because of her centrality to European stability and her intense dissatisfaction as the victim of the Treaty of Versailles. For this reason, Chamberlain went against the advice of many and decided to appease Adolf Hitler in his demands for the Sudetenland on March 1938; the Munich Agreement. Although many speak highly of Chamberlain’s good nature and good intention, it is not his character that is up for debate, rather it is his poor judgments that remain the topic of discussion.

Content planning

It is our hopes that we will be able to create an attractive and resourceful information space where users will be able to navigate effortlessly, while choosing their own path, through a user-friendly interface. In order to do this we must make sure that there is a good relationship between our conceptual structure and interface display to promote easy user interaction. We intend on utilizing a variety of tools for this project that will make use of visual, auditory and tactile properties in our information space.

Our information space will be constructed through a hierarchy structure that will begin with an introduction page explaining background history regarding both Hitler and Chamberlain. After this separate pages will be created for each of the main factors that contributed to Chamberlain’s failure.